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First Ran
Walking the Dog with character studio 3 11/13/00 Discreet has just released the packed character studio 3 plug-in for 3D Studio MAX 3, showcasing a host of new tools for making character animation easier and faster. Even if you've never worked with freeform mode before, this tutorial will show you how to take advantage of these new tools to animate a four-legged character doing a basic walk sequence.
From Concept to Reality 10/30/00 The CAD revolution has shortened product life cycles, increased product complexity, and spurred global competition with growing innovation. This revolution presents a challenge to create more usable products at a lower cost, and that challenge is creating new opportunities for 3D artists and animators.
Creating Flash with Swift 3D 10/17/00 Macromedia Flash is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Flash content provides motion, sound, and interactivity. Now Electric Rain is in the picture with Swift 3D, a tool to add 3D animations to Flash movies.
Realistic Lighting: Global Illumination and Final Gathering 09/25/00 First-time animators often overlook the role of lighting in computer graphics. In larger production houses there might be a number of people who work everyday as virtual lighting designers. These people often employ sophisticated cheats to wring effective lighting out of the limited lighting models.
Creating 3D for Flash Using Rhinoceros 08/08/00 As a 3D artist who has any interest in developing for the Web, you may have explored, or at least wondered about, the possibility of taking your passion for 3D and animation online. Find out how to bring your work to the Web with Rhino and Flash.
Smoke & Mirrors: Heat Wave 07/24/00 If you've ever sat on a tarmac for hours waiting for your flight to finally take off (a common occurrence for me), you may have been graced with the beautiful emanation of heat from the back of the jets. This very subtle ripple almost defines a jet on the runway.
From 3D Studio MAX to Cult3D Designer 07/24/00 Now that the Web allows relatively larger downloads, realtime engines such as Cult3D, where viewers can rotate and analyze 3D models, have become more popular.
In the Driver's Seat: LightWave 6.0 Tutorial 07/03/00 NewTek LightWave 6.0 comes with a lot of overlooked enhancements that can make life easier.
Hyper NURBS: Low Polygon Organic Modeling for Cinema 4D XL 6.0 06/26/00 With Cinema 4D XL 6.0 Hyper NURBS you can convert a low-polygon object into a high-resolution model that's organic in appearance. To showcase Cinema 4D's Hyper NURBS, we'll create a spacecraft from a cube.
Get a Grip: Arm Set-Up in Maya 06/05/00 When setting up a character's arm in Alias|Wavefront Maya, incorrect movement and rotations at the wrist can occur if you overlook how things actually work below the elbow. The issue of wrist/forearm rotation may not seem important when setting up your skeleton, but it becomes an issue when setting up deformations.
Digitizing with a MicroScribe Digitizer 05/22/00 Sooner or later most 3D artists will need to use a digitizer. The Immersion MicroScribe digitizer has emerged as a favorite for this purpose, offering accuracy and flexibility at a more reasonable price.
Light Up Your Life With Light Galleries 05/08/00 Techniques for camera mapping using Play Electric Image 2.9.2.
Test-Driving Pulse 3D 03/27/00 Light Galleries tackles a fundamental problem encountered by every 3D artist: How to get the best lighting for a scene in the minimum time.
Mapping Monument Valley 03/06/00 Techniques for camera mapping using Play Electric Image 2.9.2.
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep 02/14/00 Discreet 3D Studio MAX can be used to create skin textures and materials.
Reflections of Reality 01/26/00 To make your CG objects blend into real-world scenes, don't forget details such as reflections. In this tutorial, we break out the QuickTime VR tools to map a panoramic real-world reflection onto a CG object.
Got MEL? 01/26/00 Got MEL? Scripting needn't be scary. Speed up your workflow in Alias|Wavefront Maya with Maya Embedded Language (MEL). From character animation to complex effects sequences, MEL scripts can help you ride the production pipeline.
More of Dem Bones 01/26/00 It's often assumed that you need a high-end package such as Softimage or Maya to construct CG characters with advanced articulation. In this article, we'll show you how to create a sophisticated bone system in Hash Animation:Master 99, a $199 program.
Modeling a World with form•Z 06/99 Part of the intention of this tutorial is simply to show how a 3D modeling system can be used to quickly model objects and to explore design possibilities.
Just Add Water 03/99 Shag: Fur for 3D Studio MAX.
Build Your Own Space Battle 11/98 See how it's done using LightWave, 3D Studio MAX, or the software program of your choice. Parts 1 and 2
Maya, Part Three 10/98 Organic Modeling and Animation.
Wind Power 06/98 With a little help from LightWave's animated fractal noise maps, you can create blustery skies, sand storms, snow drifts, and much more.
Plugged In: Purely Psychedelic 05/98 Establishing the right mood for your animation projects can present quite a conundrum. With a little help from Genesis VFX, Positron Publishing's latest plug-in for LightWave, you can set the stage with a plethora of flares, glows, fog effects, and more.
Bringing it All Together 04/98 More and more, 3D designers are being called upon to add compositing and video editing skills to their pool of knowledge. Follow along as we mix it up with 3D graphics and video using LightWave and After Effects.
Seeing The Light 03/98 See how LightWave can work in tandem with Lightscape 3.1 to make realistic lighting.
Learning to Crawl 02/98 Whether as a main character or a subtle detail to add realism in a scene, insects can be an important enhancement to a wide variety of 3D projects.
Hard, Fast, and Cold 01/98 Particles add flare year round even on a snow-covered terrain. See how it's done in LightWave 5.5.