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First Ran
Coordinate Systems 06/18/01 One issue in 3D Studio MAX and VIZ that I see as a fundamental hindrance to production for many users, both new and experienced, is a lack of understanding of the coordinate system.
Using Maya's Convert to File Texture Tool for Realtime Game Environments 02/26/01 The rendering of realistic shadows is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a game's suspension of disbelief. It makes or breaks the good, solid look of a realtime environment.
Painting in 3D with BodyPaint 3D 02/22/01 Maxon Computer BodyPaint 3D allows artists to paint directly on a 3D model with one or more preset brushes. The best way to show this is by explaining how to use BodyPaint to texture a wine bottle that was created in Maxon Cinema 4D XL v6.
Post Render Video Production 01/03/01 Rendering a 3D image is processor intensive, taking anywhere from several minutes to several hours depending upon the complexity of your creation, the power of your computer, and the speed of your 3D application's rendering engine.