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by Ted Boardman
It is imperative that we, the image creators, can see the world around us in enough details to be able to use what we see to enhance the visualization experience. I don't mean physically seeing what is in our line of sight, but to perceive the details that register the impression of what we see in our brains. more >>

by Ted Boardman
Without a fundamental understanding of the Reference Coordinate Systems in MAX/VIZ the alignment tools will be confusing and frustrating. Furthermore, without them you will be missing out on a productive set of tools in your day-to-day work. more >>

by Peter Hajba
If you're a graphic artist working in the game industry, it is almost certain that at least at some point of your career you have had to deal with tiling textures in Photoshop. Textures, that must not only tile seamlessly, but also look good even when tiled tens of times over. more >>