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by Shailesh Watsa
We were looking for an optimal way to build our levels from inside 3D Studio Max. Lofting and other techniques used earlier to make level meshes were rigid to changes. We needed a method where changes to the level mesh could be incorporated without too much effort. more >>

by Tito Pagán
In the first part of this article, I shared some of the benefits of using proven design principles in level design, an array of which can be borrowed from real-world architecture and interior design. In this article, I will present even more and relate some of them to actual game levels and to the creation of custom-designed level textures. more >>

by Tito Pagán
If you are a game level designer or artist who wants to create 3D interior levels that stand out and get your product noticed, creating a well-designed, believable environment is a sure way to do it. more >>