CMP 3D Group set to launch e-commerce site

The CMP 3D Group (publisher of 3D magazine and is preparing to launch a new e-commerce web site in Fall 2000. As part of its mission to serve 3D graphics professionals worldwide, the CMP 3D Group will connect users of its web sites with direct access to purchase the most cutting-edge 3D tools available today.

"This is a compelling issue in journalistic circles, and one whose details have yet to be fully ironed out. As the director of the CMP 3D Group and a professional in good standing for more than a decade in the business of journalism, I can assure you that we will maintain the highest journalistic standards and will never allow our editorial content to be swayed by our e-commerce relationships. What is good for us, and hence you, is to remain objective and to have editorial integrity," stated Bob Melk, CMP 3D Group Director.

"With the Net transforming business in all sectors, we face a unique challenge, which in no small part involves you, the 3D professional. In the coming months, we will continue to build a worldwide community of 3D professionals that has never been seen before. Users will have a voice and a community forum in which to contribute and help promote positive change in this exciting market," stated Melk.

Please check back here in February for the exact launch date or simply subscribe to the 3D Direct Newsletter ( and we will let you know.

If you are a vendor and would like to discuss a commerce partnership, please contact Bob Melk at 415-278-5247 or [email protected].

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