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Swami Rendananda

First Ran
The Tower of Babel 02/00 Film is dead. I don't mean barely breathing. I mean dead. Regardless of Roger Ebert's claim that digital will never replace celluloid, it will and here's why . . .
The Rollover
As the sands of the hourglass flow into the future, Apple begins to flow into the high-end visual effects market.
Crossing the Gap 02/00 2D and 3D artists are facing the precipice of change. Clinging to one skill, instead of art itself, will lead to stagnation and pain.
Art is in Understanding
Art does not come from mastery over computer programs. It comes from within.
The Mahayana Approach to Success 02/00 Many times, the path to Nirvana starts with others.
For your pondering pleasure, our resident online mystic offers some resolutions for the year, the century, and the millennia.
An Imperfect World 01/00 In a world where everything can be done perfectly, a profound relationship to the imperfect sets a digital artist apart.
Why Everyone Should Root for Maya 12/99 For the first time, a single 3D application has moved out in front of the pack far enough to be singled out.
The Answer is in the Question 10/99 We are delivered everything we need to be great artists except for the quality of questions necessary to succeed.
Don't Just Talk...Say Something! 09/99 Communication is about communicating, not just fine words.
The Hidden Power of Those Who See 08/99 The future lies squarely in the lap of the artist, whose vision is becoming easier to realize through technological means.
Be Not There Now 06/99 The unimaginable is beginning to take place: Artists and animators are leaving Windows NT.
Reproducing the Ultimate Reality 05/99 The true nature of reality is in the details you don't see