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3D Stream

by Barry Fox

Apathy for Distraction
I don't want to flog the dead horse of violence and videogames; nothing has been proven in that long-standing debate in either direction. However, at least 6,000 deaths are worth more than a minute of silence or a candle in your window. I think you could pay respect to those that have died by acknowledging that your work affects people and by examining how it does. more >>

Barry Fox

Eternal Truth of the Week

by Swami Rendsanotsa

The Play's the Thing
This summer saw an influx of movies with obscenely spectacular effects. Animated actors who looked more life like than certain famous actors were expected to take over the silver screen, and special effects wizards were expected to rewrite history. So what happened? more >>


The Reel Deal

by Pat Johnson

Self Promotion with Web Portfolios
The Internet has given individuals a cost effective advertising advantage. that previously had been reserved only for corporations. Without spending a wad of cash, we can promote our ideas, experience, and vision through an easy-to-assemble Web site that can reach recruiters anywhere in the world. more >>

Eternal Truth of the Month

by Swami Rendalotsa

The Future is Here, Now: A Part of It, Anyway
Gazing into the abyss of a trade show floor, you spot something that catches your eye, because it's a little out of the ordinary. You approach with caution, to make sure you're actually seeing what you think you are. And, there right before your eyes, an artist is painting on an LCD screen! With a pen! more >>


The Artist's Canvas

by Eni Oken

Using Corel Painter to Create Painterly, Seamless Textures
One of the most interesting tools available for the texture artist is Corel Painter v6. Painter is widely used by traditional painters and artists that have transitioned to the digital realm, but is still not heavily explored by 3D users.more >>

Eni Oken

Online & Kicking

by Barry Fox

In Heaven, the Artist Lives with the Programmer in Perfect Harmony
In my last column, I was playing match-maker between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In this installment, I'd like to take the Cupid roll a bit further with a little aphrodisiac to kick start the romance between your creative and analytical sides by exposing Web 3D's programming underbelly. more >>

Barry Fox

Online & Kicking

by Ben de Leeuw

Birth and Death in 3D
Oh, how the tide changes. It seems just a couple of months ago that I was expounding on the bright future of episodic 3D on the Web. Okay, I was a little premature. more >>

Ben de Leeuw

Chips 'N' Salsa

by Guy Wright


Guy Wright

Eternal Truth of the Moment

by Swami Rendananda

Swami Rendananda