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Eni Oken

First Ran
No Clean and Crisp Edges, Please!
Since the beginning of 3D computer graphics, artists and viewers alike have complained about the artificiality of computer-produced images. Although few people are able to put their finger on it, one of the main reasons for that artificial look is the lack of natural randomness around the edges of surfaces.
"Marking Image": The poor man's custom texture work
By now it should be pretty obvious that the mark of good 3D work lies not only in the curvaceous, organic NURBS model, but also in the texture work that is applied on to the surface of the geometry. This involves doing more than choosing a texture map from a commercial library and slapping it on to a model: it requires custom-made texture maps, carefully made to suit the final geometry.
Where Have All the 3D Renaissance Men (or Women) Gone?
There is no question that 3D computer graphics is a new medium in the arts. I want to stress the word new, because compared to other media (both in commercial and fine arts), computer graphics' life span is just a speck of sand, covering at most 20 years since it started being used in a more popular and affordable way.
The True Color of Things
A strong factor in establishing realism is how we approach color choices and saturation. In a computer world, we are offered endless colors displayed on a bright monitor. We tend to imagine that colors present in our reality are far more saturated and bright than they really are.
Flat versus Deep: Faking Depth in Texture Art
Texture art is an often misunderstood and unexplored area in 3D, only recently gaining recognition. Largely responsible for the final look of any 3D model, textures not only give personality to the work, but also increase realism and add character to a model.
Artistic Style: Do You Have It?
For 3D computer graphics to become recognized as a true art form, one of the best ways to start doing it is through open discussion.