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First Ran Description
12/27/00 Mixing Shark Oil with Water
Columns: 10 3D Predictions for 2001, Learning About Layout
News & Products: Certifying Nvidia Quadro2, Sonic Desktop Software Bundled with Adobe Premiere v6.0, Autonomous Effects SceneGenie v1.4, Curious Labs, Inc. Poser Pro Pack
12/11/00 Softimage|XSI 1.5—Animation Refined
Columns: No Clean and Crisp Edges, Please!
News & Products: Extensis Upgrades Plug-ins, Computed Animation Gives a What, Eyeon Software Digital Fusion DFX Plus, Realviz S.A. MatchMover v2.0
11/28/00 Pixel Pushing Workhorse: Photoshop v6.0
Columns: Right Brain, I'd Like to Introduce You to Left Brain, Picturing the Story, The Iceborg Cometh
News & Products: Intel Unviels Pentium 4, Counting Down to 3December, Alias|Wavefront The Art of Maya, Maxon Computer The Production Suite
11/13/00 Walking the Dog with character studio 3
Columns: "Marking Image": The poor man's custom texture work, Hey 3D Companies: Play Well With Others Dammit!
News & Products: Discreet Announces 3ds max 4, Cycore Competes for Alias|Wavefront, Cycore Cult3D Exporter, Maxon BodyPaint 3D
10/24/00 Get Caught in the Net: Cinema 4D Net v6.0
Columns: Telling the Tale, Living in a Virtual World
News & Products: Macromedia, Intel Get More Shockwave Support, Cinematix Plays Games with Numerical Design Limited, Dosch Design Dosch 3D Natural Objects, Side Effects Software Houdini v4.0
10/11/00 3D at DV Expo
Columns: Where Have All the 3D Renaissance Men (or Women) Gone?, Message to Realtime 3D: Are Videogames the Best You Can Do?
News & Products: Racing with Raindrop Geomagic, digital-Sculpture Aids Indie Film, Electric Rain, Inc. Swift 3D v1.0, ParallelGraphics Pocket Cortona
09/11/00 Graphics Cards for Creators
Columns: The True Color of Things, Health, Happiness, and 3D
News & Products: Softimage|XSI to Turn 1.5, Polhemus Entertains at IBC, Numerical Design, Ltd. NetImmerse 3.1, MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc. MultiGen Creator 2.4
08/28/00 Tube House Design Process
Columns: Animating Animators, Redeeming 3D
News & Products: Cycore Acquiring Systems In Motion, TuneInNetwork.com to Distribute C-3D Television, Realsoft 3D 4.0, Boris FX Graffiti
08/14/00 Character Animation at SIGGRAPH 2000
Columns: The Tower of Babel, Flat versus Deep: Faking Depth in Texture Art, Finally, a Fresh Face
News & Products: Adobe Sues Macromedia, Rugrats Movie Goes 3D, Discreet Character Studio 3.0, Softimage Toonz 4.4
07/24/00 From 3D Studio MAX to Cult3D Designer
Columns: Heat Wave
News & Products: Arius3D Liscenses Canadian Tech, Intense3D Tops SPEC Benchmarks, Kaydara, Inc. FiLMBOX 2.7, 3Dlabs, Inc. Oxygen VX1-1600SW
07/11/00 The Business of 3D
Columns: Tooning into 3D, Artistic Style: Do You Have It?
News & Products: Pixels Animation Studios Joins with Total Impact, Dassault Systemes Acquires Part of Spatial, Alias|Wavefront Maya Complete 2.5, Dei Tools Polygon 4.0
06/26/00 Hyper NURBS: Low Polygon Organic Modeling for Cinema 4DXL 6.0
Columns: Straight from the Web 3D Workhorse's Mouth, To Be or Not to Be
News & Products: SIGGRAPH Announces Best of Show and Jury Honors Award, Adobe Systems Allies with Electric Rain, Inc., Caligari Corporation iSpace, Fakespace Systems, Inc. Passive Stereo WorkWall
06/12/00 A Sneak Peak at SIGGRAPH 2000
Columns: Have Content, Will Travel, Why 3D?
News & Products: Judge Rules in Microsoft Hearing, C-3D Digital Inc. Awarded Omnis, Collective Studios Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Boris FX Boris Continuum
05/22/00 Digitizing with a MicroScribe Digitizer
Columns: Worlds.com: Could This Crowd of Avatars Be Reaching Critical Mass?, The Rollover, Up-Side-Down
News & Products: Gladiator Crowds Populated by Mocap, Debevec Named Executive Producer, Imagination In Motion RealActor, X-Scream, Advanced Rendering Technology RenderPipeGTS
05/08/00 Light Up Your Life With Light Galleries
Columns: Adult Entertainment: The Next Generation, 3D and the Broadband Myth
News & Products: U.S. Army Takes Ideas From Hollywood, frogdesign Acquires Alchemy Labs Inc., blaxxun interactive Instant Community, nVidia GeForce2 GTS
04/24/00 Rendering Primer
Columns: Metastream and Portfolios
News & Products: Maxon Cinema 4D XL 6.0, Pulse Entertainment on the Pocket PC
04/10/00 3D Modeling the Natural Way: Amapi 3D
Columns: Interactive 3D for Bunnies, The Third 3D Platform
News & Products: 3Dlabs Acquires Intense3D, Giant Killer Robots Create Killer Effects, Media 100 to Acquire Digital Origin, Alias|Wavefront Maya Paint Effects for After Effects, Fusion 2, Digital Processing Systems Inc. eBroadcast
03/27/00 Test-Driving Pulse 3D
Columns: Taking the Stethoscope to Pulse, Keeping Tradition
News & Products: MetaStream Picks Up Speed, SensAble FreeForm 2.0 and GHOST SDK 3.0, 3DNature World Construction Set 5.0
03/13/00 Lips Let Loose
Columns: A Roundup of RoundUP
News & Products: ATI Charisma Engine, nVidia/Microsoft Deal, Maya Fusion 2.0
02/28/00 Have A Ball
Columns: Something to Shout About
News & Products: AMD 850MHz Athlon, Intel 1GHz PIII, Media 100 to Acquire Digital Origin
02/08/00 Compiling Creatures from Components
Columns: Directing on an Extension Cord and VRML Never Dies, It Just Changes Its Name
News & Products: Houdini 4, LIPSinc. Echo, House of Moves Mocap, PA New Media Cyber-reporter
01/26/00 Once a Big Kahuna...
Columns: Brilliant Might Be Starting to Shine and Resolutions
News & Products: BeOS 5.0, Macworld, Paraform 1.5, Rhino 1.1
01/10/00 The Dennis Muren Interview
News from 2009

Columns: Get Motivated and Linux Going 3D
News & Products: Intergraph Zx10, Motion Factory Motivate 2.0, MetaCreations MetaStream, 3dfxVoodoo