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Barry Fox

First Ran
Right Brain, I'd Like to Introduce You to Left Brain
In the realm of interactive computer animation, people tend to be programmers or artists, giving us a lot of one-sided art that doesn't realize the full potential of its medium.
Message to Realtime 3D: Are Videogames the Best You Can Do?
It's really interesting and poignant to me to realize that the most compelling and moving experience I've had relating to our new realtime 3D medium came to me not through the latest Quake iteration running the latest GeForce card and a subwoofer.
Health, Happiness, and 3D
I think we can take Web 3D out of the intensive care unit now. In fact, I think we can all take our healthy baby home and give its rosy cheeks a good little pinch. Although things have been dicey in the Web 3D industry, and we're still not living in The Matrix, there's now enough 3D on the Internet to allow us to look at more than just the latest player plug-in.
Finally, a Fresh Face
Just about two years ago now, Orang Dialameh and Hartmut Neven, the founders of Eyematic Interfaces paid me a visit. Orang opened up his laptop, which had one of those little ball shaped videocameras on top of it and there was a little live video window on-screen. Then he put his face in front of his laptop. As his face came into the black and white video frame, a set of green dots appeared in the frame.
Straight from the Web 3D Workhorse's Mouth
In this column, we'll hear about Discreet's vision for Web 3D.
Worlds.com: Could This Crowd of Avatars Be Reaching Critical Mass?
Multiuser virtual reality has long been the victim of hype disproportionate to what today's shared virtual worlds actually offer. Worlds.com is one of the pioneers in this space and has suffered through the dramatic ups and downs of perception.
MetaStream Metamorphosing—Maybe Even into a Butterfly
Pulse Entertainment stands at the forefront of the web 3D world with their Pulse 3D technology. The easy to create, easy to view technology can all ready be seen all over the web.
Something to Shout About
Shout Interactive adds new features to its real-time web-3D engine, Shout3D.
Brilliant Might Be Starting to Shine
Brilliant Digital Entertainment's streaming 3D format appears to be on an upswing. Will they achieve the critical mass needed for a genuine Web foothold?