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Ben de Leeuw

First Ran
The Iceborg Cometh
Trying to break new ground, Iceborg takes elements from the best of past virtual reality experiments. Part game, part chatroom, part virtual world, it offers the user an experience that is both richer and more self-directed than has ever come before.
Living in a Virtual World
Ever since I first read the description of cyberspace in William Gibson's Neuromancer, I've been captivated by the possibilities of shared 3D virtual spaces. Although it will not be mistaken for Gibson's cyberspace, Red Apple Online Virtual Community is another step toward making Web 3D a real tool for real people, instead of a cute gimmick to sell this week's Hollywood blockbuster.
Delivering Content with a Card
When I was about 11, I supported my candy habit by selling cheesy greeting cards door to door. It wasn't an occupation to aspire to, but did provide the cash needed to keep that sugar high going. Well, now the Web 3D industry has adopted the same clever ploy for proliferation.
Redeeming 3D
When Web 3D first started to invade our consciousness there was a lot of talk about how it would change everything and make the world better. Vcom3D SigningAvatar is the real deal. Based on blaxxun Contact 4.3 3D viewer, the SigningAvatar translates typed English into signed English to facilitate communication for the severely hearing impaired.
Tooning into 3D
We have looked at Discreet's saturation of the Web 3D market. Now another company could be a contender in the Web 3D race.
Have Content, Will Travel
What won't some companies do to promote themselves? The bigger question may be, do they have the tech behind them?
Adult Entertainment: The Next Generation
Adult content has been one of the cornerstones of new technology evolution on the Web. Now comes virtual adult 3D entertainment. What's the future going to hold?
Interactive 3D for Bunnies
Want to produce 3D content but don't know how to code your way out of a box? Try NeMo's interactive development tools.
A Roundup of RoundUP
A week of the Web 3D RoundUP left Ben de Leeuw excited by some awesome technology and with a feeling of comradery with a community that maintains its unique identity even as it moves from the oddball fringe to the center stage.
Directing on an Extension Cord
Machinima is an art form in its infancy, like home video in the 80s or cinema at the turn of the century. Find out about this new way to bring animated video to your computer.
Get Motivated
Motion Factory announced the 2.0 version of their behavior-driven animation package, Motivate, which will be shipping in March 2000.