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FEATURE: Talking Heads: Facial Animation in The Getaway
by Gavin Moore
In this article, I'm going to describe Talking Heads, our facial animation system which uses parsed speech and a skeletal animation system to reduce the workload involved in creating facial animation on large scale game projects.

ETERNAL TRUTH OF THE WEEK: The Sands are a Changing
by Swami Rendsanotsa
The Jon Peddie Associates put out on the dunes a promising industry report, 3D on the Web, which, according to them, "examines the expanding market for technologies that bring 3D graphics to the Web." Before going farther however, I must remind you that for every study that says things are getting better, I can find you another study that says the opposite. Take everything you read with a grain of sand.

by Abby Albrecht


We use a 4000-polygon model for extreme close-ups in the real-time cut scenes. The highest-resolution in-game model is 1500 polygons, which includes tongue, teeth, eyelashes, and hair.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Conferences and the Texture of Skin
by Abby Albrecht

  • Alias|Wavefront Announces Conference Plans
  • Yale Researches with ShapeSnatcher
  • DAZ Creates A New Breed

NEW 3D TOOLS: Macs in 3D
by Abby Albrecht

  • Caligari Streaming Video Training
  • Seek Systems, Inc. 180GB High-density Drives
  • Realviz Stitcher 3.0
  • Lightcube GmbH GxSDK