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FEATURE: The Right Kind of Beauty
by Hayden Duvall
In today's world of octilinear, bump-mapping, ray tracing, realtime refractive-index-calculating hardware, a great game that doesn't deliver a sizable chunk of graphical excellence is in danger of becoming a great game that nobody's ever heard of. What can you do? There are a few general areas in the visuals department where many games can benefit from a metaphorical strategic splash of mascara, and a well-considered application of eye shadow.

The Reel Deal: Self Promotion with Web Portfolios
by Pat Johnson
The Internet has given individuals a cost effective advertising advantage. that previously had been reserved only for corporations. Without spending a wad of cash, we can promote our ideas, experience, and vision through an easy-to-assemble Web site that can reach recruiters anywhere in the world.


Strong, uncomplicated lighting will add drama to a scene, especially if you can get away with low levels of ambient light, forcing the eye to the brightly lit areas.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Beneath the Layer
by Abby Albrecht
  • NewTek to Debut Video Toaster v2
  • Vicon, Ohio State Mimes Action
  • Electric Image, dvGarage Shows Tutorials
  • Eyetronics Lowers Prices for New Maya Users
  • Turbo Squid Supports Kaydara FBX

NEW 3D TOOLS: A Pixel is a Pixel
by Abby Albrecht

  • Auto-des-sys form•Z v3.8
  • Boxx Technologies 3DBoxx R1
  • Gnomon School of Visual Effects Gnomon Online
  • Side Effects Software Houdini v4.0
  • PFO/DAZ 3D Funstuff Web Site
  • Kerlin Softworks Gradient Thief