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FEATURE: Got Game? Go to the GDC
by Chris Tome
The Game Developers Conference, targeting computer game developers, was a geek's paradise. Coders and artists spent their days in a wide variety of classes, or on the show floor looking for cool schwag.

Eternal Truth of the Month: The Future is Here, Now: A Part of It, Anyway
by Swami Rendalotsa
Gazing into the abyss of a trade show floor, you spot something that catches your eye, because it's a little out of the ordinary. You approach with caution, to make sure you're actually seeing what you think you are. And, there right before your eyes, an artist is painting on an LCD screen! With a pen!

by Abby Albrecht

  • I'm working on the Buyers Guide. No. Really. I am!
  • The Open Gallery is having technical difficulties. Send your artwork to me via e-mail for now, or drop me a line and I'll show you how to upload it.


Meni Tsirbas showed a UV mapping trick that makes it extremely easy to set up custom UV maps for complex organic characters.

INDUSTRY NEWS: It's a Spline World After All
by Abby Albrecht
  • ParallelGraphics Tracks Mir
  • Eurographics 2001 Opens Competition
  • Silicon Grail Rayz Now in Beta
  • Lamborghini Rolls with CATIA
  • Adobe Atmosphere Beta Available
  • Daz Splits from Zygote
  • Free Houdini Training in California

NEW 3D TOOLS: She Ran Calling "Render Farm"
by Abby Albrecht

  • Marlin Studios "Seamless Textures 8 - Absolute Metal Surfaces"
  • Electric Image
    • Universe v3.0
    • Amorphium Pro
  • Cambridge Animation Systems Swiffworks
  • Gnomon Workshop
    • Polygon Modeling I
    • Polygon Modeling II
    • Rendering, I: Cameras
    • Dynamics, I: Particle Tool, Create Emitter
    • Dynamics, II: Vertex, Point and Curve Emission
    • Dynamics, III: Surface Emission
  • ParallelGraphics Extrusion Editor
  • Interactive Imaging Systems, Inc. MAXimum3D
  • DvGarage "The dvG Surface Toolkit"
  • ComputerGear, Inc. Chocolate