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REVIEW: Maya Paint Effects
by Frank Capria
Maya Paint Effects is another set of plug-ins promising natural media and organic imagery for computer-generated art. Alias|Wavefront claims that Maya Paint Effects can create trees, grass, flowers, waterfalls, rain, and all manner of stuff that grows from the ground and falls from the sky.

THE ARTIST'S CANVAS: Using Corel Painter to Create Painterly, Seamless Textures
by Eni Oken
One of the most interesting tools available for the texture artist is Corel Painter v6. Painter is widely used by traditional painters and artists that have transitioned to the digital realm, but is still not heavily explored by 3D users.


Maya Paint Effects works on paths and normals, so this animated title was fairly easy. The tubes were animated to make it appear like the scraps of rope came together to form the words. The paths were animated as well.

INDUSTRY NEWS: The Color of Red
by Abby Albrecht
  • Alias|Wavefront Develops for Microsoft
  • PmG Unleashes New Site
  • USC Finishes MoCap Studio
  • 2ce CubicEye Free for Windows
  • Maxon Plugs Into MAX
  • 3D'sense Hosts ComGraph

NEW 3D TOOLS: Hazy Shaders of Winter
by Abby Albrecht

  • Fusioneers DOT-s v1.01
  • Credo Interactive Life Forms/MeGa MoCap Bundle
  • Right Hemisphere
    • 3D Exploration - Discovery Edition
    • 3D Exploration - Enterprise Edition
  • NDL NetImmerse v4.0