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REVIEW: Affordable Graphics Cards for 3D CAD
by Peter K. Sheerin
As computer processors become ever faster, your existing workstations are likely to become slower than that new home computer your neighbor's kid got for the holidays to play the latest video game on. One of the most logical ways to upgrade your system's performance is by installing a new graphics card.

ETERNAL TRUTH OF THE MONTH: Why SGI Just Won't Die, and Other Metaphysical Stuff
by Swami Rendaltosa
Ah, as the saying goes, "Hindsight is 20/20." Your past can be crystal clear at times. I like looking back occasionally, and today my third eye focuses on SGI, the company formerly known as Silicon Graphics, Inc.


Whenever you are upgrading to a newer graphics card, you may be tempted to just shut the system down, swap cards and then install the new driver. Even though this is how things should work, doing so can lead to a difficult installation.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Renderer 8 Take a Break
by Abby Albrecht
  • NewTek Awards Game Creators
  • 3D Artist Group Showcases Maya, Mac
  • SPEC Releases New MAX Benchmark
  • Activeworlds.com Teams with BetaSphere
  • Pulse Pushes Intoxicating Alien

NEW 3D TOOLS: Swan Swan Animator
by Abby Albrecht

  • Discreet Web Studio Set
  • Reyes Infografica
    • ClothReyes
    • MetaReyes
    • DirtyReyes
    • CartoonReyes
    • SurfReyes
    • JetaReyes
  • Sun Microsystems, Electric Image Universe
  • Turbo Squid, Pepper's Ghost Muybridge Variations Motion Capture Library
  • Blaxxun interactive blaxxun3D
  • Curious Labs, Inc. Poser Pro Pack