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FEATURE: The Fact and Fantasy of Web 3D
by Alex Lindsay
Over 30 competing formats have risen from the ashes of VRML. Which will survive? What do they offer? And why should you care?

THE REEL DEAL: Storyboarding for New Media
by Pat Johnson
As in entertainment, one of the most powerful planning tools is the story board. However, storyboarding for new media involves many nuances that you will not encounter when telling a story for entertainment.

ONLINE & KICKING: Birth and Death in 3D
by Ben de Leeuw
Oh, how the tide changes. It seems just a couple of months ago that I was expounding on the bright future of episodic 3D on the Web. Okay, I was a little premature.

by Abby Albrecht

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The forces of 3D are once again gathering, marshalling their enabling technologies and forming alliances in preparation for an assault on the World Wide Web. Their aim: to prove the unbelievers wrong and make Web 3D as pervasive as Macromedia Flash animation.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Taste of Pixels
by Abby Albrecht
  • The Eve of Virtual Reality
  • Cleveland "Real to Reel Film & Video Festival"
  • TOPIX/Mad Dog Creates 3D Grub

NEW 3D TOOLS: The Birds and the Bevels
by Abby Albrecht

  • Discreet 3ds max 4
  • Autonomous Effects SceneGenie v1.4
  • Areté Entertainment Inc., Next Limit SuperFlow Fluid Simulator Bundle
  • Media 100, Inc. Cleaner MPEG SuperCharger
  • Digimation Phoenix v1.5