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REVIEW: Character Animation Made Easy - Poser 4
by Doug Sahlin
For a 3D artist needing a program capable of quickly creating posed 3D characters, creating 3D character models for export into 3D programs, or creating 3D character animations, Poser is definitely the way to go.

THE ARTIST'S CANVAS: No Texture Painter Quite Like This
by Eni Oken
Creating realistic texture work has been the Holy Grail of 3D modelers and texture artists, who have a variety methods and tools at their disposal. One method of creating texture imagery, although not very popular, can be extremely convincing. It uses 3D software to generate the image file.

ONLINE & KICKING: In Heaven, the Artist Lives with the Programmer in Perfect Harmony
by Barry Fox
In my last column, I was playing match-maker between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In this installment, I'd like to take the Cupid roll a bit further with a little aphrodisiac to kick start the romance between your creative and analytical sides by exposing Web 3D's programming underbelly.


The interface architecture and rendering engine may be similar to MetaCreations' version of Poser, but there's more horsepower lurking under the hood. The new features give the 3D artist the capability of transforming a Poser preset into a unique character.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Art at the Very Begining
by Abby Albrecht
  • NDL NetImmerse May Save Lives
  • PmG Mac OSX Ready
  • Raindrop Geomagic to Work with MetricVision
  • In the Ring with Kaydara Filmbox
  • Computer Café Gets Bloody

NEW 3D TOOLS: It's Fun to Stay at the SHTML
by Abby Albrecht

  • SGI
    • V12, V10
    • Dual Channel Display
  • MultiGen-Paradigm
    • MultiGen Creator v2.4.1
    • Vega v3.6
  • ParallelGraphics Cortona v3.0
  • Side Effects Software Houdini Home Training Program
  • Boris FX Boris Graffiti LTD and Boris FX LTD Avid Bundles