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REVIEW: Softimage|XSI 1.5—Animation Refined
by Anthony Rossano
When the fine folks at Softimage released their new flagship animation and special effects package, XSI 1.0, earlier this year, Softimage users all over the world heaved a collective sigh of relief. Now Softimage prepares to release a new version of the software, XSI 1.5. How does this version change the equation?

THE ARTIST'S CANVAS: No Clean and Crisp Edges, Please!
by Eni Oken
Since the beginning of 3D computer graphics, artists and viewers alike have complained about the artificiality of computer-produced images. Although few people are able to put their finger on it, one of the main reasons for that artificial look is the lack of natural randomness around the edges of surfaces.

COMMUNITY CORNER: On a Night Like Tonight
by Abby Albrecht

  • The chat forum is still there. Be social and share your wisdom with others.
  • Re: the Big Kahunas.


The Render Region is a rectangle you draw on top of a 3D view. The XSI mental ray render then draws fully rendered pixels right on top of your workspace.

INDUSTRY NEWS: 2001: An Animation Odyssey
by Abby Albrecht
  • Extensis Upgrades Plug-ins
  • Computed Animation Gives a What
  • NetImmerse Available on Nintendo Gamecube
  • Onyx Tree Professional Grows with Maxon

NEW 3D TOOLS: Reload Me
by Abby Albrecht

  • Eyeon Software
    • Digital Fusion DFX Plus
    • Digital Fusion Evaluation
  • Realviz S.A. MatchMover v2.0
  • House of Moves BlastCap v1.0
  • BioVirtual 3DmeNow Lite
  • Electric Image, Inc. Universe 3D