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REVIEW: Pixel Pushing Workhorse: Photoshop v6.0
by Chris Manners
It's not unusual to approach upgrades to Adobe Photoshop, the 800-pound gorilla of pixel pushing, with a mix of excitement and trepidation. The reasons for this can be determined quickly: the excitement about what cool new features are included is offset by concern about whether the upgrade requires relearning the program.

ONLINE & KICKING: Right Brain, I'd Like to Introduce You to Left Brain
by Barry Fox
In the realm of interactive computer animation, people tend to be programmers or artists, giving us a lot of one-sided art that doesn't realize the full potential of its medium.

THE REEL DEAL: Picturing the Story
by Pat Johnson
When your story has been translated into a script for what you know will be your stellar demo reel, you have reached the point at which you must plan how you'll tell the story in pictures. Following tried-and-true traditions of animation, you should begin exploring your story through storyboards, animatics, and layouts.

ONLINE & KICKING: The Iceborg Cometh
by Ben de Leeuw
Trying to break new ground, Iceborg takes elements from the best of past virtual reality experiments. Part game, part chatroom, part virtual world, it offers the user an experience that is both richer and more self-directed than has ever come before.


The most obvious change to Photoshop is the addition of a dockable, content-sensitive options bar. This palette runs across the top of the screen and provides easy access to the options available for each tool as it is selected.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Animator
by Abby Albrecht
  • Intel Unveils Pentium 4
  • Counting Down to 3December
  • The Art Behind the Elections
  • InterSense Shows Off Combat Techniques
  • Eggington Over Easy

NEW 3D TOOLS: 3D in the City
by Abby Albrecht

  • Alias|Wavefront The Art of Maya
  • Maxon Computer The Production Suite
  • 3D Nature, LLC World Construction Set v5.3
  • Blackfeet 3D Browser
  • Blaxxun Interactive Virtual Worlds Platform v5.0
  • Simon & Schuster Interactive Deer Avenger 3D
  • Xara Xara X