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REVIEW: Get Caught in the Net: Cinema 4D Net v6.0
by Adam Watkins
The wait is finally over. Maxon has updated Cinema 4D Net v6.0, which will render C4D XL v6.0 projects and files over a network. Although not significantly changed from the last version (except for v6.0 file compatibility), it remains a solid package that is a must for any C4D user dealing with large projects.

THE REEL DEAL: Telling the Tale
by Pat Johnson
An animator in training is usually called upon to produce a short film to demonstrate the skills that will ultimately lead to getting that great job. Unfortunately, in the world of 3D, too many students begin this process by concentrating on ways to show off newly mastered 3D skills. What they don't realize is that the audience for these demo reels is more interested in the originality of the story.

ONLINE & KICKING: Living in a Virtual World
by Ben de Leeuw
Ever since I first read the description of cyberspace in William Gibson's Neuromancer, I've been captivated by the possibilities of shared 3D virtual spaces. Although it will not be mistaken for Gibson's cyberspace, Red Apple Online Virtual Community is another step toward making Web 3D a real tool for real people, instead of a cute gimmick to sell this week's Hollywood blockbuster.

COMMUNITY CORNER: Insert Witty Title Here
by Abby Albrecht


The built in FTP server also allows users to download rendered frames or a compiled movie.

INDUSTRY NEWS: I Just Want Realtime
by Abby Albrecht
  • Macromedia, Intel Get More Shockwave Support
  • Cinematix Plays Games with Numerical Design Limited
  • Raindrop Geomagic Plans to Wow Comdex

NEW 3D TOOLS: Shimmy, Shimmy, Cocoa PDF
by Abby Albrecht

  • Motek
    • Larger Motion Capture Area
    • StockMoves
    • UNICA
  • Dosch Design Dosch 3D Natural Objects
  • Side Effects Software Houdini v4.0
  • Gnomon School of Visual Effects Classes