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FEATURE: 3D at DV Expo
by the DV staff
There was a definite sense of the old meeting the new at DV Expo this year at the Long Beach Convention Center. Sharing the exposition building with a coin and collectibles show revealed that even though technology, and the world, has grown, there will always be the trade show. And although DV Expo is a conference and trade show devoted to all things digital video, 3D did not go unnoticed.

THE ARTIST'S CANVAS: Where Have All the 3D Renaissance Men (or Women) Gone?
by Eni Oken
There is no question that 3D computer graphics is a new medium in the arts. I want to stress the word new, because compared to other media (both in commercial and fine arts), computer graphics' life span is just a speck of sand, covering at most 20 years since it started being used in a more popular and affordable way.

ONLINE & KICKING: Message to Realtime 3D: Are Videogames the Best You Can Do?
by Barry Fox
It's really interesting and poignant to me to realize that the most compelling and moving experience I've had relating to our new realtime 3D medium came to me not through the latest Quake iteration running the latest GeForce card and a subwoofer.

COMMUNITY CORNER: Feeling Pretty Psyched
by Abby Albrecht


If the standing ovation was any indication, then John Waters's keynote speech at the DV Expoקracy and blue as it was at points—met with a strong response from the convention attendees.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Puff the Magic Pixel
by Abby Albrecht
  • Racing with Raindrop Geomagic
  • digital-Sculpture Aids Indie Film
  • NetImmerse Joins the Xbox
  • Spy Post Animates New Ads
  • Management Moves
    • Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales
    • SMA Realtime General Counsel
    • Sony Senior Vice president for Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment (SPDE)-Europe

NEW 3D TOOLS: Tools You Can Use
by Abby Albrecht

  • Electric Rain, Inc. Swift 3D v1.0
  • Digital Immersion Software Corp., ATI Technologies, Inc. ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon board
  • ParallelGraphics Pocket Cortona
  • Dosch Designs
    • Dosch Texture
    • Dosch Symbols