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REVIEW: Graphics Cards for Creators
by Peter Sheerin
There are graphics cards for work and graphics cards for play(back), but when it comes to serious modeling the big iron is what helps you make that deadline. We test the best from 3Dlabs, Diamond Multimedia, and ELSA.

THE ARTIST'S CANVAS: The True Color of Things
by Eni Oken
A strong factor in establishing realism is how we approach color choices and saturation. In a computer world, we are offered endless colors displayed on a bright monitor. We tend to imagine that colors present in our reality are far more saturated and bright than they really are.

ONLINE & KICKING: Health, Happiness, and 3D
by Barry Fox
I think we can take Web 3D out of the intensive care unit now. In fact, I think we can all take our healthy baby home and give its rosy cheeks a good little pinch. Although things have been dicey in the Web 3D industry, and we're still not living in The Matrix, there's now enough 3D on the Internet to allow us to look at more than just the latest player plug-in.

COMMUNITY CORNER: Eye of the Hurricane
by Abby Albrecht

  • The chat forum is there for you. You can even talk with columnists such as Eni Oken.
  • Spencer Lindsay speaks out in the Artist Spotlight.
  • The art work changes, but the energy's just the same. Open Gallery.


More than any other segment of the computer industry, the graphics-card business has been shaken up, merged, changed strategy—and flaunted Moore's Law with impunity.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Off to See the Graphics
by Abby Albrecht
  • Softimage|XSI to Turn 1.5
  • Polhemus Entertains at IBC
  • Boris FX Supports Dual-processor Macs
  • Quantel Stengthens Support of Maya
  • Digimation Plug-ins on Itanium
  • New Editors from Fast Multimedia
  • NewTek Goes Itanium

NEW 3D TOOLS: A Pixel Grows in Brooklyn
by Abby Albrecht

  • Numerical Design, Ltd. NetImmerse 3.1
  • MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc.
    • MultiGen Creator 2.4
    • Vega 3.5
  • Eyeon Software Digital Fusion v3.0
  • Medea Corp., Boris FX
    • Medea VideoRAID SCSI
    • VideoRAID RT