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FEATURE: Tube House Design Process
by James Mann
Luz Vargas wanted to break the mold of conventional house building and provide a dramatic, yet workable design for a new house. Espousing traditional ground-up forms of construction, she began experimenting with rolls of tape, cotton thread, and card board, evolving her creation into 3D with the help of James Mann.

THE REEL DEAL: Animating Animators
by Pat Johnson
Aside form the obvious stress related injuries which will be the subject of another article, the next most odious outcome of all of this inertia is the fact that to animate effectively, one must understand locomotion and movement on all its levels.

ONLINE & KICKING: Redeeming 3D
by Ben de Leeuw
When Web 3D first started to invade our consciousness there was a lot of talk about how it would change everything and make the world better. Vcom3D SigningAvatar is the real deal. Based on blaxxun Contact 4.3 3D viewer, the SigningAvatar translates typed English into signed English to facilitate communication for the severely hearing impaired.

by Abby Albrecht

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The introduction of 3D skills at a relatively early stage in the design assisted its progress, providing measured proof that such a form was not only possible in terms of geometry and construction, but also that it could be described with sufficient lucidity to allow the engineers to make proposals as to its structure.

by Abby Albrecht
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NEW 3D TOOLS: Stranger than Dithers
by Abby Albrecht

  • InterSense, Inc., InMotion Systems, Inc., Production Plant Systems
  • Realsoft 3D 4.0
  • Boris FX Graffiti
  • Macromedia Flash 5.0
  • Global Majic Software, Inc. 3DLinX 1.5