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FEATURE: Character Animation at SIGGRAPH 2000
by Steve Anzovin and Raf Anzovin
Character animators wandering SIGGRAPH 2000 in New Orleans found plenty to get excited about amid the mocap-wired dancers, full-body scanners, and tele-operated Muppets.

by Swami Rendananda
Film is dead. I don't mean barely breathing. I mean dead. Regardless of Roger Ebert's claim that digital will never replace celluloid, it will and here's why . . .

THE ARTIST'S CANVAS: Flat versus Deep: Faking Depth in Texture Art
by Eni Oken
Texture art is an often misunderstood and unexplored area in 3D, only recently gaining recognition. Largely responsible for the final look of any 3D model, textures not only give personality to the work, but also increase realism and add character to a model.

ONLINE & KICKING: Finally, a Fresh Face
by Barry Fox
Just about two years ago now, Orang Dialameh and Hartmut Neven, the founders of Eyematic Interfaces paid me a visit. Orang opened up his laptop, which had one of those little ball shaped videocameras on top of it and there was a little live video window on-screen. Then he put his face in front of his laptop. As his face came into the black and white video frame, a set of green dots appeared in the frame.

by Abby Albrecht

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The Rocky-in-a-tire-park fantasy Crocotires rocked em at the Electronic Theatre (and displayed some good tire textures, too).

INDUSTRY NEWS: Blender County, Jr.
by Abby Albrecht
  • Adobe Sues Macromedia
  • Rugrats Movie Goes 3D
  • NASA Uses 3D Tech in Disaster Study
  • Structural Research & Analysis Corp. Designs in 3D

NEW 3D TOOLS: Alpha Channel of Darkness
by Abby Albrecht

  • Discreet Character Studio 3.0
  • Softimage Toonz 4.4
  • Dell Precision Workstation
  • Fujitsu Takamisawa America, Inc., ITU Research, Inc. ErgoPoint 3D