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FEATURE: Hyper NURBS: Low Polygon Organic Modeling for Cinema 4DXL 6.0
by Doug Sahlin
With Cinema 4D XL 6.0 Hyper NURBS you can convert a low-polygon object into a high-resolution model that's organic in appearance. To showcase Cinema 4D's Hyper NURBS, we'll create a spacecraft from a cube.

ONLINE AND KICKING: Straight from the Web 3D Workhorse's Mouth
by Barry Fox
In this column, we'll hear about Discreet's vision for Web 3D.

THE REEL DEAL: To Be or Not to Be
by Pat Johnson
How do you decide if being an animator is what you really want to be? How do you prepare for another specialty? Here is some advice from several animation professionals and studio trainers.

COMMUNITY UPDATES: This Week on 3Dgate.com
by Peter Young


Explore the universe, starting with one pixel at a time.

INDUSTRY NEWS: Model of Decorum
by Abby Albrecht
  • SIGGRAPH Announces Best of Show and Jury Honors Award
  • Adobe Systems Allies with Electric Rain, Inc.
  • The Impulse Behind Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles
  • Numerical Design Ltd. Does Deal with Lawrence Holland Totally Games

NEW 3D TOOLS: Somebody's Animating Me
by Abby Albrecht

  • Caligari Corporation iSpace
  • Fakespace Systems, Inc. Passive Stereo WorkWall
  • Geo-Metricks
    • Humans Pack 1
    • Humans Pack 2
    • Cyber Gothics
    • Cyber Punks
    • 101 Interiors
    • 101 Space
    • 101 Trees
    • 101 Historical Structures
  • NxView Technologies NxView Player 4.0