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FEATURE: Start Your Engines: Rendering Primer
by Guy Wright
For many people, rendering means one thing: waiting. For others, it's a complex mathematical process that can be geared toward a vast range of results. This technology overview will help the non-programmer understand what's happening under the hood.

ONLINE AND KICKING: MetaStream Metamorphosing—Maybe Even into a Butterfly
by Barry Fox
Will MetaStream be the first company do something beyond the requisite object spin that seems to be so popular in web 3D? Will Barry finally find his 3D dreams realized? The answers are here.

THE REEL DEAL: The Importance of Portfolios
by Pat Johnson
So you got your demo reel accepted for viewing and the response was good. You have been called for an in-person interview with the company of your dreams. What do you do next? You need a portfolio.

by Swami Rendananda 2D and 3D artists are facing the precipice of change. Clinging to one skill, instead of art itself, will lead to stagnation and pain.

COMMUNITY UPDATES: This Week on 3Dgate.com
by Peter Young

  • You Gotta be in... The World Wide 3D Industry Survey
  • Plug-ins, Sounds, and Models, Oh My!
  • 3D Conference and Expo
  • A Site to See!


Draw an imaginary line from your eye, through the top left pixel of your monitor screen, and into a 3D scene, and keep track of the polygons it passes through.

INDUSTRY NEWS: The Scarlet Pixel
by Abby Albrecht and Matthew Hoover
  • Pulse Entertainment Pushed on Pocket PC
  • LIPSinc. Turns Electronic Arts Vocal
  • Moving Pictures Hires New 3D Head
  • Two Chipmakers Restructure Focus
    • Neomagic
    • S3

NEW 3D TOOLS: Into the Render We Go
by Abby Albrecht and Matthew Hoover

  • Maxon Cinema 4D XL 6.0
  • RE:Vision Effects ReelSmart Motion Blur
  • Replica Technology Models