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REVIEW: 3D Modeling the Natural Way: Amapi 3D
by Doug Sahlin
Template Graphics Software Amapi 3D 5.0 features sophisticated modeling tools such as NURBS and Dynamic Geometry and will doubtless be a useful addition to any 3D artist's tool kit.

ONLINE AND KICKING: Interactive 3D for Bunnies
by Ben de Leeuw
Want to produce 3D content but don't know how to code your way out of a box? Try NeMo's interactive development tools.

CHIPS 'N' SALSA: The Third 3D Platform
by Guy Wright
3D is no longer limited to game consoles and PCs. But what does this mean to programmers and artists? And where will 3D go from here?

COMMUNITY UPDATES: This Week on 3Dgate.com
by Peter Young

  • Artist Spotlight: A Thing of Beauty and Talent!
  • Open Gallery: The Experiment Continues!
  • 3D Conference and Expo—Check in on 3Dgate the week of May 7th to catch a glimpse of the latest technology being seen at the 3D Expo


Amapi 3D in action

INDUSTRY NEWS: Living, Breathing, Being... 3D
by Abby Albrecht and Matthew Hoover
  • 3Dlabs Acquires Intense3D
  • Giant Killer Robots Create Killer Effects
  • More on Adobe/MetaStream Deal
    • Adobe's Flash Killer
  • 3Dmodelserver.com Moves to 3Dshare.com
  • The Lord of the Rings Movie Trailer Online

NEW 3D TOOLS: Valley of the Pixels
by Abby Albrecht and Matthew Hoover

  • Alias|Wavefront Maya Paint Effects for After Effects, Fusion 2
  • Digital Processing Systems Inc. eBroadcast
  • Credo Interactive Life Forms Studio 3.9
  • Artbeats
    • Digital Aire
    • Digital Aire HD
  • Electric Rain Inc. Swift 3D 1.0