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TUTORIAL: Test-Driving Pulse 3D
by Ben de Leeuw
Follow the production process as infoplasm brings the web 3D cartoon Y2Kalamity from Discreet 3D Studio MAX to Pulse 3D to the world.

ONLINE AND KICKING: Taking the Stethoscope to Pulse
by Barry Fox
Pulse Entertainment stands at the forefront of the web 3D world with their Pulse 3D technology. The easy to create, easy to view technology can already be seen all over the web.

THE REEL DEAL: Keeping Tradition
by Pat Johnson
People from 3D studios repeatedly assert that artists with solid traditional arts training are the strongest job candidates—sometimes even without technical skills! These animators are up to the challenges, because they've got problem-solving abilities and aesthetic understanding. Technical skills are an add-on.


Bob, the apocalypse bunny, in Discreet 3D Studio MAX

INDUSTRY NEWS: The Stream Is Rising
by Abby Albrecht
  • MetaStream Picks Up Speed
    • Launch of MetaStream 3.0 streaming web 3D format
    • MetaCreations still dismantling itself, restructuring around MetaStream
  • Project: messiah Spins off of Station X Studios to Develop 3D Software

NEW 3D TOOLS: Building Better, Building Faster
by Matthew Hoover

  • SensAble FreeForm 2.0 and GHOST SDK 3.0
  • 3DNature World Construction Set 5.0
  • Interactive Effects Piranha Edit 1.0
  • Digimation Real-Time Libraries
  • Dosch Design Human & Animal Eyeball Textures
  • Sapphire Innovations plug-ins and brushes for Photoshop, Painter