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REVIEW: Lips Let Loose
by Ben de Leeuw
Lip-syncing has always been a tedious, labor-intensive animation task, but LIPSinc. Ventriloquist 1.0 virtually automates the process.

by Ben de Leeuw
A week of the Web 3D RoundUP left Ben de Leeuw excited by some awesome technology and full of warm fuzzies for a 3D community that maintains its unique identity even as it moves from the oddball fringe to center stage.

CHIPS 'N' SALSA: 3D Artistry and PlayStation's Emotion Engine
by Guy Wright
Sony PlayStation 2 hit the streets in Japan, and will soon land in the U.S.. What is it all about? And what will it mean for game designers and graphic artists?


LIPSinc Ventriloquist 1.0

INDUSTRY NEWS: New Technology and New Deals
by Abby Albrecht
  • ATI Technologies Unveils Charisma Engine
  • nVidia Launches Low-Cost Graphics Solutions
    • Vanta LT
    • Aladdin TNT2
  • Broadcom Acquires Stellar Semiconductor
  • nVidia Makes a Deal with Microsoft

NEW 3D TOOLS: The Ships Have Come In
by Abby Albrecht

  • LIPSinc. Mimic 1.0
  • Alias|Wavefront Maya Fusion 2.0
  • Digital Processing Systems dpsVelocity 7.1
  • SupremeGS MediaStorm II