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REVIEW: Compiling Creatures from Components
by Douglas A. Sahlin
FXRealm Studios Creature Creator 1.5 creates 3D characters by mixing and matching preset body parts.

ONLINE AND KICKING: Directing on an Extension Cord
by Ben de Leeuw
Machinima is an art form in its infancy, like home video in the 80s or cinema at the turn of the century. Find out about this new way to bring animated video to your computer.

CHIPS 'N SALSA: VRML Never Dies, It Just Changes Its Name
by Guy Wright
1999 was the year that VRML finally died—or was it? Follow the history of VRML, and catch a glimpse at its future.

FXRealm Studios Creature Creator 1.5 works well when creating ghouls.

NEW 3D TOOLS: Updates, Partnerships, and Automation; Oh My!
by Matthew Hoover

  • Side Effects Software Houdini 4.0
  • Phoenix Tools EZ Tools
  • Criterion Software RenderWare3 on Dreamcast Console
  • LIPSinc. Echo
  • Advanced Rendering Technology:
    • RD5000
    • RenderDrive 2.0
    • RenderPipe
  • auto•des•sys Inc. form•Z 3.5
INDUSTRY NEWS: The Who's-Animating-What Dept.
by Matthew Hoover
  • House of Moves Uses Mocap for Video Game
  • PA New Media Develops Cyber-reporter
  • Computer Cafe Creates New HBO Intro
  • Radium Unveils Hyundai Ad
  • 3D TV South of the Border:
    • Match Frame Animates Breddy Bread 3D
    • TOPIX•Mad Dog Composites 2D/3D Cheetos Spot
  • Surf's Up! Web3D-VRML Symposium
  • Digital Forays Pulls 3D Forest