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Industry luminary Denis Muren takes a snapshot of the future.

FEATURES: The Dennis Muren Interview
by Chris Tome
What Elvis Presley was to rock and roll, Dennis Muren is to the visual effects industry. Muren was recently given a distinct honor: a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. See what motivates and excites a man whose name has become synonymous with visual effects.

News from 2009
by Chris Tome
Our visionary technical editor channels some major announcements from the end of the decade.

by Ben DeLeeuw
Motivate promises to help open up some new territory in the world of web 3D

CHIPS 'N SALSA: Linux Going 3D
by Guy Wright
What does Linux have to do with 3D? More people are opting for the non-Microsoft alternative. The reasons include stability, platform-independence, the amount of freeware and shareware available, and the price (free).


NEW 3D TOOLS: Bigger Better Faster More
by Mike Kobrin and Abby Albrecht
• Intergraph Zx10 ViZual Workstation
• The Motion Factory Motivate 2.0 Developers Toolkit
• Credo Interactive Animania! for Poser Animals
• Apple Final Cut Pro 1.2 bundled with Maxon Cinema 4D GO
• Boris RED
• Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator 2.0 for Adobe After Effects

INDUSTRY NEWS: 3D Shakes it Up in 2000
by Matthew Hoover and Abby Albrecht
• MetaCreations Experiences Losses and Retains MetaStream
• 3dfx Puts Voodoo on the Mac
• PSA Peugeot Provides Virtual Test Drives using WorldToolKit
• Nickelodeon Animation Studios New York puts Adobe Software to Use
• Canada Honors Softimage with Postage Stamp in its Millennium Collection