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3Dgate Reaches the Center of the 3D Universe

Among creative graphics professionals, the World Wide Web has quickly become the primary means of gathering just-in-time information required to make purchases and master difficult and creative challenges. 3Dgate.com, is the CMP 3D Group's portal to this interactive universe.

3Dgate is the leading provider of community and unbiased content for the 3D market. 3Dgate attracts a consistent, high-quality audience of graphics professionals seeking information that will help them advance their careers. Visitors to 3Dgate.com return regularly for high-quality original content including exclusive news, freeware, and multimedia-enhanced offerings.

Updated on a regular basis, 3Dgate comprises five major areas:

  • Breaking News - Up-to-the-minute information about new products, software updates, price changes, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and who's doing what in 3D.
  • Tools - A wealth of information about tools and techniques, including sections for tutorials, reviews, buyer's guides, and a technology showcase that spotlights cutting-edge developments for 3D on the web.
  • Freeware - Models, textures, plug-ins, photos, videos, sound effects, public betas, demos, and utilities, all available free of charge.
  • Artistry - Where readers can post their own artwork and explain how they created it, and where they can glean inspiration and tips from other artists.
  • Community - An area for interacting with other artists and staff of the CMP 3D Group, including special-interest discussions and employment opportunities.

3Dgate also hosts 3D Direct, a bi-weekly newsletter that reaches more than 50,000 3D graphics professionals. Each issue of 3D Direct packs in the most important news as well as insightful commentary by prominent observers and industry analysts.

In addition, the site offers multimedia enhancements of articles that appear in affiliated magazines (Cadence, DV, and Game Developer), such as tutorial files, animations, high-resolution renders, and relevant web links.

  • Contact Us:
    Do you have questions about 3Dgate.com? Write to Abby Albrecht, the Web editor for 3Dgate.