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Use this forum to post questions or ideas to others in the 3D community. Please, no commercial messages. This is a freeform discussion area. Unfortunately, 3Dgate can't reply to every message. Questions about this open forum should be directed to Abby Albrecht at [email protected].

Where Have You Been?

  • The Big Kahuna deadline has been pushed back due to September 11, 2001. If you have questions about money transfers from another country, I'm still working with accounts payable on how to handle it. Really.
  • Big Kahuna Prizes! Yup. Cool ones. The list will be available as soon as I get logos.
  • Wow, work. You may have noticed, things at 3Dgate have been slow. DV.com needed some help, and when the boss says "Go!" Well... I go. But I'm catching up now. The job board should be working, but email me when you submit an opening.

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