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Have You Got What it Takes to be the Big Kahuna?

The Big Kahuna Winner has been chosen.

Tim Granberg created Swing, a short film about an elderly man who recaptures his youth with the help of mysterious balloon.

Click on the image to view the video in QuickTime format.

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We're counting on you to produce your best work yet! So fire up your computer, dive into your favorite 3D package, and show the world what you can do. Best of luck!

The Big Kahuna Awards is an annual 3D-specific art and animation contest, showcasing the talents of 3D artists from around the world. The Big Kahuna Awards is an excellent way to have your best design and animation work seen by your peers and key people in the industry! Winners are honored for their creativity, originality, technique, and design skills.

Fill out a separate form for each entry (no more than three per person).